Monday, October 20, 2008


Thankfully the weather has been pretty warm and allowed me to get a few more outdoor shoots in with the beautiful fall leaves around. Last week I photographed Gabby at Wheeler Farm. She is so cute and made for a perfect model (Cute little girl pictured below). 

Also, I was able to photograph one of my best friends, Kjori. Every once in a while I make time to just do some shooting for myself and Kjori is always kind to volunteer. We were inspired once again by our favorite musician, Tori Amos. This time there wasn't anything in particular that we were aspiring to. I was just trying to capture the beautiful scenery and crete some unique imagery. I have just begun to go through the shoot, but here are some of my favorites so far. I will be making a slideshow in the coming weeks that will feature more of the images. 

So we will be starting to build a new set any day now that will feature some pretty wall moulding, a chandelier, hardwood flooring, and hopefully a cool antique couch. I've been searching for just the right couch for some time now so hopefully I'll find one soon. The nice thing about this set is it will give us some variety in the studio from our standard backdrops. I was originally thinking of painting it 2 shades of bright blue, but I think I may actually go with some different shades of white and cream to ensure that it can go with anything. We hope to have this done in 2-3 weeks time to accommodate all of our winter studio shoots.